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It’s no secret that society has a stigma against men in nursing and many other healthcare roles, such as certified nursing assistants, physician assistants and practical nurses, but as attitudes about gender change in society, so has the stigma against these male healthcare professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , since 2011, male nurses hana increased from 8.9% to 13% by 2021. For more context, keep in mind that only 2 % of all nurses were male in 1960.

The trend has been more evident since 2020, as public attention on nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic helped spark greater interest among more people, including men, in pursuing CNA, MA, NP, and nursing careers. As a result, colleges, universities, and vocational schools report a noticeable increase in enrollment of men in these programs.

Why is there a need for more men in nursing, practical nursing (NP) and physician assistant (MA) careers?

Many experts assert that men in nursing, NP and MA careers have been historically underrepresented and that these populations should mirror the patient population. In addition, experts say encouraging more men to enter these professions can help address the current shortage crisis and provide a more diverse pool of healthcare providers and patient advocates of all genders and ethnic and racial backgrounds.

5 Benefits of becoming a practical nurse, nursing assistant or physician assistant.

Career stability : these careers are due to be in higher demand over the next decade.
Stable salary : According to Minority Nurse, unemployed men who move into mostly female careers tend to see a nearly 4% increase in income compared to their counterparts.
Travel opportunities : Nurses, NPs and CNAs interested in traveling can enter career fields in search of employees across the country and practice in other states.
Career flexibility: These careers offer shift flexibility and ample opportunities to work part-time, full-time, per diem, or combination shifts that best fit your life.
Scholarships for men: many of these educational programs now offer a variety of scholarships for prospective male students.

The beauty of a career as a certified nursing assistant.

How do you attract more men to nursing careers?


At Palm Beach Medical Institute, we ensure we have a diverse staff that includes male instructors who can mentor and relate to the student population, helping them succeed in their journey to purposeful and fulfilling nursing careers.

Our mentors provide male students with information about stigma and the tools to overcome it. In addition, our instructors and mentors help clarify why nursing careers are the job of the future for men.