01. What Is The Purpose Of The School?

The purpose of the school is to provide quality education to students seeking careers in medically related fields. In an effort to fulfill the needs of these professions for trained personnel and to provide meaningful careers to capable individuals, the school is constantly updating its curricula and recognizing its obligation to the students and the profession they serve.

02. What are the requirements?

• Prospective student must be at least 17 years old (prior to beginning classes).
• Evidence of high school graduation transcript must be authentic and accompanied by a certified translation in English, if necessary.
Authenticated transcripts from other colleges or universities attended. The transcript must contain the following: subjects studied, dates attended, grades awarded, and next level promotion.
• Government-issued photo identification (driver license, non-driver ID, passport etc.).
• Social Security Card.
• Permanent Resident/Other Eligible Non citizen Documentation

03. How can we help you?

Our admission team will talk with you and understand your career goals. Only after they understand what your career ambitions are, they will present program options and show you around the campus. If it is a good fit, you will submit an application and will be notified once you have been accepted.

04. How will students be rewarded?

The student will be awarded a diploma upon completion of all required subjects, with a cumulative average of 77% or better, and demonstrating the ability to perform all required competencies, satisfaction of all financial obligations to the institute, placement interview an exit interview. Students may participate in the graduation ceremony and will be eligible for placement assistance, providing all graduation requirements have been met. Graduation ceremonies will be held one time a year.

05. Where can you find us?

We are located in 5821-B Lake Worth Rd Greenacres, Fl 33463 and you can send you an email in [email protected].