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Practical Nurse Careers in Florida

Florida is one of the top employers for practical nurses nationwide. So sign up for an PN program and get ready to start working soon without the high cost and time investments that are part of most medical education programs.

Do like Ana and John

Imagine you are a fictional student, Ana or John. A practical nursing program can transform your life after only 13 months, giving you the tools to achieve your career goals. Florida ranks 3rd for the highest employment of nurses by state. Additional benefits of practical nursing in Florida include flexible employment schedules, fair compensation, low cost of living, variety of job settings and specialty areas, no individual income tax and the Florida lifestyle. You can enroll in our PN program and take classes during the day or at night.

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Find your purpose as an PN

Looking to transition into a career where you could be helping and potentially saving people’s lives? That will be your mission when you take on the challenge of becoming a practical nurse. Practical nurses must be prepared and dedicated; an PN school program can be challenging.

Still, with a strong work ethic, good study habits and determination, you will thrive as one of Florida’s over 45,000 practical nurses.

Almost 11 percent of Florida’s PNs are employed in the offices of healthcare providers of all specialties.

While practical nursing, you will tend to the sick, disabled or injured under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN). PNs are the face patient sees the most; their tasks include:

  • Providing immunizations
  • Giving medications and injections
  • Taking blood pressure, temperature, weight
  • Recording the patient’s health history
  • Feeding patients, cleaning and bandaging wounds
  • Find a quality PN job

    The state anticipates a shortage of 9,400 (12.3%) LPNs by 2030. The state has become desperate to fill the opening and is looking to travel practical nurses, recent practical nursing graduates and international PNs to alleviate the stress of the shortage.

    The greater the shortage, the more fantastic the incentives by employers and the government to fill the over 21,000  open positions (by 2035) and to retain nurses. Incentives like better pay, benefits (like tuition reimbursement) and flexible schedules will become common among employers. At the same time, the Florida government has approved over 125$ million for nursing education to provide scholarships and expand clinical training.

    As a result of these incentives, millennials are entering the field at almost twice the rate as baby boomers did. Our staff will also help you find a job after graduating from our PN program.

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