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Trade Schools with Diploma Programs

Vocational or trade schools train students for a variety of skilled jobs, including jobs as automotive technicians, medical assistants, hair stylists, pharmacy technicians, electronics technicians, paralegals, and truck drivers. Some schools also help students identify prospective employers and apply for jobs.

Is a Vocational School Right For You?

To decide whether a career school is right for you, consider whether you need more training for the job you want. Each job comes with description. Research each job’s requirements to find out if it is possible to learn the skills you need on the job. Look at ads for positions that you're interested in. Then call the employers to learn what kinds of training and experience will be meaningful, and whether they recommend any particular programs.

Diploma Programs from 6 to 9 Months

Diploma Programs are faced paced and require serious commitment from students interested in learning the trade fast and entering the professional job market. For convenience, trade schools offer day and evening classes to accommodate students with jobs and busy schedules.

Finding a diploma program in your area requires due diligence. Do your research before you commit to a program. You want to make sure the program you enroll in is reputable and trustworthy. What are others factors you have to look for:

License and Accreditation

Ask for names and phone numbers of the school's licensing and accrediting organizations, and check with them to see whether the school is up-to-date.

Licensing is handled by state agencies. In many states, private vocational schools are licensed through the state Department of Education. Ask the school which state agency handles its licensing.

Accreditation usually is through a private education agency or association that has evaluated the program and verified that it meets certain requirements. Accreditation can be an important clue to a school's ability to provide appropriate training and education — if the accrediting body is reputable. Your high-school guidance counselor, principal, or teachers, or someone working in the field you're interested in, may be able to tell you which accrediting bodies have worthy standards.

School Facilities

A practical way to learn about school’s facilities is to visit the school. Schedule a tour to visit in person and ask to see the classrooms and workshops. Also, ask about the types of equipment — like computers and tools — that students use for training. If you are studying to be a Massage Therapist ensure that the schools offers massage tables that are currently used in massage spas and salons.

Student Services and Assistance

Prior to registering, ask your career advisor what supplies, books and tools that you must buy. If you need help overcoming language barriers or learning disabilities, find out if the school provides help, and at what cost? Some schools may offer bilingual instruction, ask about it when you schedulea tour.

Faculty and Instructors

Ask about the instructors' qualifications and the size of classes. Sit in on a class to observe whether the students are engaged and the teacher is interesting. Talk to other students about their experience.

Diploma Program Success Rate

Before you invest your time and money in the diploma program, learn about the success rate pf past students. Ask your career advisor the following questions:

What percentage of students complete the program? A high dropout rate could mean students don't like the program.
Is job placement offered? How many graduates find jobs in their chosen field?
Can you get a list of recent graduates to ask about their experiences with the school?

Financial Aid Department

Most schools offering diploma programs have Financial Aid staff on premises. Talk to Financial Aid advisor and learn what assistance may be available to you to cover tuition cost.

Diploma Programs in Florida

There are a few accredited schools in Florida offering diploma programs for medical assistants, pharmacy technicians and massage therapists. Find a school in your zip code.

Medical Institute of Palm Beach Inc. invites you to take a tour and learn about diploma programs offered in convenient day and evening classes. Contact Us today.

Benefits of Changing Your Career

We spent most of our 24 hours at work, traveling to and from work, or thinking about work. If you feel bored or unsatisfied with what you do for large parts of the day, it can take a serious toll on your physical and mental health. You may feel burned out and frustrated, anxious, depressed, or unable to enjoy time at home knowing that another workday lays ahead.

Finding you passion in life can change your life in so many ways. You can improve the quality of your life and earn money doing what you love every day. To make this change requires commitment and not just day dreaming. If you want to become a message therapist, research the industry; educate yourself about the profession, types of massages, salary, education and job outlook for massage therapists.  Get excited about your new career and start planning your future.

Make a Plan to Transition into a New Career

Whether you’re just graduating from school, lack growth potential in your current position or, like many in this economy, facing unemployment, it may be time to consider your career path. By learning how to research options, realize your strengths, and acquire new skills, as well as muster the courage to make a change, you can discover the career that’s right for you. Even if you’re trapped in a position you don’t love, with no realistic opportunity for change, there are still ways to find more joy and satisfaction in what you do.

Making a big career change is never easy. At the same time you are thinking about your new career you are also thinking about supporting your kids, mortgage payments, car insurance and other details. Instead of making excuses for why you are not able to make a new change, make a plan.

Depending on your career plans, short or long term, you can choose education plan that suits your best. If you are interested in entering the field like medical for example, right away, the quickest way would be to research diploma programs that offer certification in as little as 6 to 9 months.

To support busy people with jobs, most trade vocational and post-secondary schools offer diploma programs during the day and evening time. Classes start throughout the year and offer convenient times for anyone who is interested in beginning their studies before or after work. Financial aid assistance is also available to students who qualify. All schools offering medical assistant or pharmacy technician diploma programs encourage all who wish to apply to schedule an appointment with admission counselor to discuss the program and the classes it will cover. When you schedule your appointment, your will tour the facility, meet the students who currently are attending the program, meet faculty and Financial Aid representative. It is very important to come to this meeting prepared. Before you make a decision which school to choose, get all the facts and compare schools. Look for facts such as accreditation, quality of education, externship programs and possible job placement assistance.

Medical Institute of Palm Beach Inc. Invites You for a Career Tour

Medical Institute of Palm Beach Inc. is located in Lake Worth, FL and offers the following diploma programs:

  • Medical Assistants
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Massage Therapy
  • Home Health Aide
The institute’s Career Tours take place every Tuesday from 10 AM to 2PM, and 3PM to 7PM. When you schedule a tour, you get a one on one meeting with admission’s counselor who will discuss in details each program available, the length of the program, tuition cost, class schedule, registration process and financial assistance available. Do not delay your decision. Your path to a new career can start now. Contact Us.