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Pros and Cons of Becoming a Medical Assistant

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Medical Assistant

We all dream of landing a job that we love. A career where we can do what we want and excel at the same time. But the sad truth is, many people are stuck with a job that they don’t particularly love or even like. Even though we love our work, it can still have its advantages and disadvantages. It all boils down to how we cope with it and how we face it.

Medical Assistant Career Information - Greater West Palm Beach Area

Medical Assistant Career Information - Greater West Palm Beach Area

Whether you are just browsing or looking to change careers soon, there are FREE government resources that can help you make a more data-driven decision. In this article, we highlight West Palm Beach's medical assistant career statistics and showcase the government tool where the information was found.

3 Uncommon Reasons To Become A Medical Assistant

3 Uncommon Reasons To Become A Medical Assistant

We all know that becoming a certified medical assistant will lead to a promising career in an industry that is projected to keep growing above the national average for most other industries, but becoming a medical assistant is more than just statistics and a steady paycheck. It is so much more.  

Ace Your Medical Assistant Interview

Ace Your Medical Assistant Interview

Getting invited to interview is just the first step to getting your dream job. A great interview will almost surely land you the job, while a few less-than-perfect answers may result in a missed opportunity.

Medical Assistant Career in Florida

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (, Florida’s employment per 1,000 jobs statistic is higher than any other state except California at 5.24., making it one of the best states to find a job as a medical assistant.

Once you earn your degree and obtain a position, you can make a good living as a Florida medical assistant. According to 2013 data collected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean hourly wage is $13.76. Gainesville, Florida is ranked in the top five metropolitan areas for employment of medical assistants, but cities across the state offer many options for employment.

Once you are a medical assistant, you can apply for jobs in private doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and community health centers. Working alongside other healthcare professionals, you will find that your skills and training can help you provide medical services to Florida residents who need them.

Medical Assistants are responsible for carrying out administrative and/or clerical tasks which keep the day-to-day processes in a health care setting operating smoothly. The settings they work in can be doctors' offices, medical centers, clinics, or other health care venues. The assistant's specific duties vary depending on the size, location, or specialty of the setting. In smaller settings, medical assistants tend to perform a wide variety of tasks, handling both clerical and clinical duties. Those in larger settings are more inclined to specialize in a particular area, often under the supervision of a department administrator. Medical assistants greet patients, update their medical records, fill out insurance forms, arrange for laboratory services, answer telephones, schedule appointments, check office and lab supplies, and coordinate billing and bookkeeping. They also perform clinical duties such as recording vital signs, collecting laboratory specimens, sterilizing equipment, preparing patients for examinations, and at times performing basic laboratory tests.

Some medical assistants specialize in a specific area and have additional duties associated with the specific specialty suach as examples below:  

  • Podiatric Medical Assistants assist podiatrists in surgery. They also make castings of feet and expose and develop foot x-rays.
  • Ophthalmic Medical Assistants assist ophthalmologists in providing eye care. They conduct tests, measure and record vision, apply eye dressings, and show patients how to use contact lenses. They also assist the ophthalmologist in surgery and administer eye medications under the supervision and direction of the physician.
  • Optometric Assistants work directly with optometrists in a similar fashion. They conduct preliminary tests on patients and instruct them about various aspects of eye care.

Medical Office Assistant Responsibilities

Within the confines of a particular medical office or health care setting, a medical assistant will typically perform a variety of tasks, all of them to support a physician or medical staff in the treatment of patients. Responsibilities usually involve some combination of administrative, clerical, and clinical tasks. Generally speaking, their duties fall under the job description of keeping the office running smoothly. A partial list of typical duties of a medical assistant would include the following:

  • Conducting routine lab tests
  • Recording vital signs
  • Giving shots and medication
  • Greeting and admitting patients
  • Instructing patients about medication and self-treatment
  • Preparing rooms for patient examination
  • Sterilizing and preparing equipment
  • Removing sutures and changing dressings
  • Checking office and lab supplies
  • Making appointments
  • Completing insurance forms
  • Recording patients' medical histories and test results
  • Interviewing patients to obtain medical information
  • Contacting medical facilities to schedule tests for patients
  • Arranging for hospital admissions
  • Showing patients to examination rooms and preparing them to be seen by the physician
  • Updating patients' medical records
  • Answering office telephones
  • Handling office correspondence
  • Telephoning prescriptions to a pharmacy

Medical Assistant Education in Florida

If medical assisting is the career for you, Florida offers over 40 schools to choose from, including many accredited programs. The state medical assistant association, the Florida Society of Medical Assistants offers student memberships, encourages student involvement, and provides a listing of accredited programs as well.

As you look at medical assistant schools in Florida, keep in mind that you have several different options for study. There are many roles that you can fill as a medical assistant. Florida offers a wide variety of options to become a medical assistant including both diploma and degree programs. Whether you prefer hands on patient care or an administrative role, you can find a school that has the program you want.

Most medical assistant programs in Florida require a background check, CPR certification and a high school diploma or GED to enroll. You will be taking courses that teach you about the human body, the healthcare system, as well as medical and administrative procedures. Typical classes in a medical assisting program include Anatomy and Physiology, medical billing and coding, medical terminology, and patient assessment, among others.Depending upon the type of program you choose, you can plan to spend anywhere from 1 to 4 years completing your education.

Medical Assistant Program in Florida

Medical Institute of Palm Beach Inc is an accredited school offering day and evening classes for medical assistants. PleaseContact Us to get details about the program and enroll to start your medical assistant career.  

Healthcare and Social Assistance Careers in High Demand

It is a common knowledge that lawyers, doctors and engineers make a good living and those types of careers are usually in high demand. However, there are many industries out there with promising outlook and have a need for new talent despite the recession and unemployment rate in the U.S.

"Industries and occupations related to health care, personal care and social assistance, and construction are projected to have the fastest job growth between 2010 and 2020," according to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (source

Many of the projected 20.5 million jobs to arise by 2020 are not evenly distributed across industries due to developments in technology, our population's needs and job supply. Many of the in-demand jobs that will have the most opportunities don’t require expensive degrees to obtain a high-paying, rewarding career. There are plenty of jobs out there that only require a certificate program, associate degree or a bachelors degree.

Find out which jobs could work for you and what type of education you'll need to earn a career in these top, fast-growing careers in-demand.

In-Demand Healthcare and Social Assistance Careers

Careers in healthcare are always in demand. In addition,  Bureau of Labor estimates there will be 5.7 million new jobs by 2020. The need for more healthcare professionals is especially true now that the Baby Boomer generation is coming into retirement and in need of assistance, nursing and medical care, "This industry—which includes public and private hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, and individual and family services—is expected to grow by 33 percent," says the BLS summary.

If you want a career in healthcare, but don't want to attend medical school, you can enroll in associate's or bachelor's programs inMedical Assistant or nursing. There are also trade or vocational schools that offer diploma Programs that prepare you for certification in 6 to 9 months. If you are interested in technology, consider a certificate in ultrasound technology, medical insurance and billing or radiology technology.

 Jobs for registered nurses will have the highest numeric growth over the next decade with 711,000 new positions. The median salary for registered nurses is $64,690 for those with an associate's degree.

In-Demand Careers in Personal Care

The personal care industry includes beauty, fitness and other personal care positions which include child care workers and personal care aides. "As consumers become more concerned with health, beauty, and fitness, the number of cosmetic and health spas will rise, causing an increase in demand for workers in this group. If you want to become a massage therapist or a cosmetologist now is your opportunity." The Bureau of Labor expects a growth in jobs by 27 percent, adding more than 1.3 million jobs within the next decade.

Jobs in early childhood education like childcare workers and preschool teachers will be particularly in demand as employment rates increase for people with children and as the government increases early childhood programs in U.S. across the U.S.

Jobs to Increase in Construction

"Employment in construction is expected to rise 33 percent by 2020, adding about 1.8 million jobs," states the BLS. Many of these positions require little, to no higher education, however, if you'd like to own your own construction business you may want to earn a degree in small business management. Working in construction while you're in school could be a way to finance your education if you seek a degree in business or another field.

In-Demand Technology Careers

Imagine what would happen if all the computers in an office crashed. Mayhem and mass confusion would break loose. The office would cease to function, which is why IT professionals are essential in the job market.

Technology support is essential for almost all businesses today. Whether the office has an in-house information technology (IT) department, or uses a freelance company, the need for someone to manage, regulate and troubleshoot the computer systems is abundant.

Although many of these majors can be pursued with a certificate or associate's degree, administrative IT jobs typically require a bachelor's degree in:

  • Software engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology

If you’re looking for a quicker route to a job in technology, enroll in a career college or community college to earn a certificate in desktop support.

Most Popular Creative Jobs

Today, the gap between creative and technical jobs is closing. Helping to bridge this gap are graphic designers and desktop publishers who work with many mediums including websites and other information technologies.

There are some companies that hire in-house graphic designers. However, this career also has an abundance of freelance positions. Freelance work provides flexibility that many people need to keep up with the fast-pace of society. You work independently, from home and usually on your own schedule. If this sounds like your dream job, apply to a community college or four-year college or university for graphic design and multimedia or another form of visual arts.

Other In-Demand Careers

Whether you are running an office in a medical facility, private organization or at a government level, you are one of the most important behind-the-scenes workers. As an administrative assistant, it is up to you to keep your office running smoothly and efficiently.

How can you become an administrative assistant? Think carefully about the type of office you would like to work in and the role you could play. Without professional work experience, you’re probably going to want to earn a certificate or associates degree in business administration, receptionist, general office occupations and clerical services, medical assistant and or secretary.

Source (
Medical Institute of Palm Beach Inc. offers career training for the following careers currently in high demand.

  • Medical Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Massage Therapy
  • Home Health Aid

Contact Us to find out how you can enroll into these diploma programs.

Getting a Job as a Medical Assistant

There are many benefits to becoming a medical assistant. Healthcare field is always thriving and finding a job in this field is more than possible. Because there is always a demand for healthcare personnel, you will enjoy the job security of an in-demand career. According to U.S Department of Labor’s website, medical assistants can earn up to $35,000 a year. Medical career is also rewarding because you make a difference in patients’ lives.

Employment in the fast-growing Medical Assistant field offers you a wide range of opportunities for fulfillment and career advancement. Physicians’ offices, hospitals, outpatient facilities, medical laboratories and nursing care facilities across United States need men and women who know what it takes to help patients, handle records and assist doctors and nurses with proving outstanding  service in care. Regardless of the medical facility you plan to work in, proper training and solid educations is needed to be competitive in this field. Medical Assistant program from accredited institution will start you on the road to your dream job in the dynamic, in-demand healthcare industry.

Enrolling into Medical Assistant program will allow you to study the following program courses:

  • Medical Terminology
  • Introduction to Anatomy
  • First Aid Procedures
  • Preparing Patients for Exams
  • Minor Surgical Procedures
  • Preparing and Administering Medications
  • Medical Insurance 101
  • Front Office Procedures
  • Patient Therapies
  • Pharmacology
  • Communication Skills
  • Bookkeeping Techniques

Medical Assistant programs are taught in community colleges, trade and or vocational schools. When you are researching a medical institute or medical school that offers medical assistant program, ensure that the school is accredited. Upon completion of your Medical Assistant program, you will be prepared to sit for the NHA's Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) certification exam (To be eligible to earn an NHA certification you must also possess a high school diploma or GED).

Medical Assistant Program Classes

Depending on your career goals (short or long), you can choose to get a certificate or associate's degree. Medical assistant classes are offered in a classroom environment and also online where you can learn at your own pace.

The length of medical assistant programs can vary depending on the credential desired. Certificate programs may be completed in 6 to 9 months, while associate's degree programs can take up to two years. Students enrolled in accredited medical assistant programs typically become proficient in performing fundamental procedures, collecting specimens, administering diagnostic tests and caring for patients.

How to Select a Medical Assistant School

One of the most important aspects of a medical assistant school is that it is accredited by state or national agencies, which ensuring its students are likely to qualify for job opportunities and advancement. Medical assistant schools should offer comprehensive courses that cover medical terminology, clinical laboratory procedures, medical ethics and medical transcription.

A major portion of an aspiring medical assistant's education involves working with physicians and patients in a local hospital, clinic or doctor's office, since medical assistants work in hospitals, private clinics and in-patient or out-patient facilities. Students should check that their school offers a variety of potential work environments, to better acquire a more diverse range of patients, treatment modalities and experience with illnesses or injuries. Because state laws concerning medical assistants vary, some programs may be longer than others, and require an A.A.S. in Medical Assisting, rather than a short-term certificate of completion or diploma.  

Medical Assistant Job Placement Assistance at Medical Institute of Palm Beach Inc.

Medical Institute of Palm Beach Inc. is an accredited institution offering medical assistant classes in day and evening time. Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.

Placement and Externship Department of The Medical Institute of Palm Beach Career (MIPB) provides practical career information for graduates seeking Certification and job opportunities. Department’s objective is to assist our graduates in obtaining employment by assessing and informing them of the career paths available in Allied Health fields. MIPB’s Career Placement Department works proactively with graduates to identify employment opportunities, secure and schedule interviews with prospective employers and follow up to negotiate starting salaries. Our placement services are available to MIPB alumni throughout their careers. MIPB Career Placement assistance starts as graduation draws near. As students approach graduation, our advisors help students prepare for the transition from student to a professional.

Contact Us to get Medical Assistant Program details.

Medical Assistant Career Training in Florida

If you are interested in Allied Health Profession such as medical assistant, it is good to know that there is a high demand for medical assistants. According to employment of medical assistants is projected to grow 29 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations.

What Do Medical Assistants Do

Medical assistants perform administrative and certain clinical duties under the direction of a physician. Administrative duties may include scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records, billing, and coding information for insurance purposes. Clinical duties may include taking and recording vital signs and medical histories, preparing patients for examination, drawing blood, and administering medications as directed by physician.

As a medical assistant, you could have the opportunity to work directly with patients and assist with their care and well-being. If you are interested in pursuing opportunities in this rewarding field, enrolling into medical assistant program can help you gain the relevant experience and skills to become a qualified candidate. Most post-secondary schools and trade schools in Florida strive to prepare students with the necessary clinical and administrative knowledge to seek various entry-level positions as medical assistants. 

What To Look for in a Medical Assistant Program

When you are researching a medical institute or school offering medical assistant program, review the school catalog and inquire about their curriculum. Choose a medical school that offers a comprehensive curriculum and is combined with hands-on training on equipment actually used in a medical setting. The medical assistant program courses are intended to train you to perform specific duties such as assisting the supervising physician with administering injections, taking vital signs, recording EKGs, assisting in minor surgical procedures, carrying out basic accounting procedures, and understanding the fundamentals of charting and documentation. Look for school that offer externship programs to enhance your career-based experience so you are able to complete a practicum that enables you to apply classroom learning in a real-world medical setting.

Medical Assistant Diploma or Degree

The decision whether you want to earn a degree or just a diploma depends on your goals. To get a job and start earning money as medical assistant is a short term goal and diploma is the best route. If you are interested in  earning a bachelor's degree and have ambitions to be more competitive and have more responsibility and demands, it makes sense to pursue a degree. When deciding which medical school to attend, there are a few factors to consider. Many schools allow you to transfer credits from your diploma program to an associate degree program or even a bachelor's degree program. If you aren't sure what you want in the future, this feature gives you some flexibility. Accreditation plays an important part so look for schools that are accredited so you get good investment for your money. Don't just look at claims of accreditation, look at what organizations are doing the accrediting and compare the quality of accreditations between schools. Another good sign is to see if the school is qualified to receive Title IV student loans from the U.S. government. Lastly, look at things like graduation rates, job placement rates and numbers of students going on to higher education. An institution that can't provide these numbers is an institution to avoid.

Medical Institute of Palm Beach prepares you for a Medical Assistant Career and offers training that is available in day and night classes. Bilingual class instruction is also available.

Contact Us to get information on how you can enroll into Florida medical assistant program today.