Pros and Cons of Becoming a Medical Assistant


  • There is a high demand for medical assistants across the country. It will give you job security and career opportunities.
  • Most medical assistants work in a physician’s office or clinic, which is a comfortable environment to work in.
  • You get to help others in need of medical care. You may not be a doctor or nurse, but you still get to reach out to patients and make them comfortable.
  • Medical assistants can work part time or full time allowing for flexibility. It can fit your schedules if you are still in school or doing other things.
  • Although you are not a doctor or nurse, you are still an important part of a medical team.
  • It is a rewarding career being able to console or make patients comfortable while waiting for the doctor.


  • The work can be tiring especially if you work in a hospital or other healthcare facilities such as a nursing home.
  • Sometimes you have to perform both administrative and clinical duties, which can be stressful and overwhelming.
  • Most clinics have operating hours, but sometimes a medical assistant has to work overtime just to attend to demanding patients.
  • If you are not certified, you are paid less than those who are. And there are states and institutions that pay more than others.