PIM ... Potentially Inappropriate Medication

With their professional knowledge, inter-professional cooperation & communication skills, Pharmacy Technicians, Medical Assistants and Home Health Aids and other professionals in the medical network can address this concern and prevent many people from Potentially Inappropriate Medication and its effect on health and daily life.

Training Matters

Potentially Inappropriate Medication (PIM) is a reality for Pharmacy Technicians, Home Health Aids and Medical Assistants as well. A big topic in the daily work routine of their occupations. 

Polypharmacy currently belongs in the general medical practice. Its most common definition is, when a person is on five or more medicines. 

This fact comes along with the comorbidity in our population, which means people are suffering from multiple diseases. According to this, various medications are often required during treatment. With the increased number of different medications, a risk for use of unnecessary drugs happens. The overmedication primarily targets the geriatric sector, so elderly people in our society. 

An inappropriate use of medication can lead to adverse drug reactions and serious long-term effects, which can have a negative impact on the patient's activities in their daily life. 

Older communities are not the only ones at risk of this case. 

Not only older community members are addressed in this case. PIM also occurs in other areas of life. 

A relevant example:


Almost everybody has either heard of it or maybe experienced its effects in person.

For many years, it is public knowledge that antibiotics are being used too much, too fast, and often inappropriately. 

Unnecessary prescription of at least 30% of antibiotics in US outpatient settings was estimated by a report in 2016. The overprescription can be seen as cause of antimicrobial resistance, the balance of our great gut microbiome can be disruptive and causes infections, the body also might develop an allergic reaction. 

To prevent, take action against overprescription and inappropriate medication, the multiple professions of the healthcare-system including Pharmacy Technicians, Medical Assistants and Home Health Aids have to cooperate & communicate.


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