Now it is an AND Decision Not an OR Decision. Choose Your Child and Your Career!

After a kid is born some roles are changing. You might be a full-time mom or dad, the main occupation becomes taking care of the baby, changing diapers and getting used to this new situation. 

But still, you are not “just parents”, you are still you, not only the MOM or DAD, you are also a WOMAN and a MAN, with dreams about the future, the wish to start a new career or improve the one you just put on pause, because of this great gift of a child. 

In the US 74 432 000 women and 84 755 000 men took part in labor force in 2016. A big amount of those are parents. 57% of all women in America contribute to the labor force. Also on average 68.55% of mothers with kids between 3 and 18 years are working. 

A challenge is to manage the parenthood and work. “Kid-work-balance” could be a keyword. 

Support of other family members, grandmothers etc. can be great, also daycare, nanny or aupair might be the right fit for you.

But how to manage all that, if you don’t want to give your kid into hands of somebody else?

Some parents take advantage of shift work, so at least one can be at home and take care of the little one. 

Same concept, different goal. 

Why not work on a new career?

Of course, priorities have changed with this big life event, but don’t put yourself second, still follow your plans and become what you wanted to. 

Schools with different class schedules are a great opportunity. You can be flexible, however it is more convenient. Going to class in the mornings, while the partner is at home or attend night classes to get to your degree. 

 Be there and still follow your dream and the plan you have for yourself.