Massage Therapy Helps Veterans With Reintegration

According to a scholarly article published by the US National Library of Medicine 
National Institutes of Health, massage therapy has been linked to a reduction in physical pain, stress, depression, and anxiety from National Guard veterans upon reintegration from service in Iraq or Afghanistan. 

This study was conducted as part of a larger study on reintegration techniques that the military might deploy for military service personnel and their significant others. According to the study, veterans saw a significant decline over time in pre-session ratings for “physical tension” and “on edge/irritability.” 

The participants strongly endorsed the program and proposed its broader availability to veterans and families: “…the guys are under a lot of stress, and we are under a lot of stress at home, even without the deployment. The military world is a different world, so anything from this aspect of empowering themselves and couples is just great, so thanks for bringing it to us.”

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