3 Uncommon Reasons To Become A Medical Assistant

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We all know that becoming a certified medical assistant will lead to a promising career in an industry that is projected to keep growing above the national average, but becoming a medical assistant is more than just statistics and a steady paycheck. It is so much more.  

1. You’ll get to build and grow relationships with patients

Medical assistants work directly with people day in and day out, so it may not be the best career for you if interpersonal skills aren’t your strong suit. But if you’re like Pufall and have a passion for helping others, becoming a medical assistant is a great option, since it will grant you the opportunity to develop relationships with your patients and see them get better. Most medical assistants confirm that building relationships with patients as being one of the highlights of the job.

2. You’ll get to work with a team

Medical assistants are an important member of the healthcare team and frequently work alongside physicians, nurses, physician assistants or nurse practitioners. This means not only will you be able to ask questions and consult with your colleagues, but they’ll likely rely on you, too.

Medical assistants build so much trust with other health care professionals because they work together so closely. Physicians really depend on their teams. 

3. You’ll start gaining experience before you graduate

Every college program is different, but ours require students to complete an externship while earning their degree. 

The externship is unpaid, but there’s an opportunity to make a great impression that could result in a future job offer. The hands-on clinic experience also serves as a great addition to your resume!