Ace Your Medical Assistant Interview

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Acing the Interview

Getting invited to interview is just the first step to getting your dream job. A great interview will almost surely land you the job, while a few less-than-perfect answers may result in a missed opportunity.With so much riding on the interview, it is important to know what types of questions to expect so you can be fully prepared.

While each interview is unique, there are basically three types of questions involved in interviewing for a medical assistant position: hard skills questions, practice specific questions, and cultural fit questions.

Here are some sample questions you may be asked:

Hard Skills Questions

  • Where did you receive your education? Are you certified?
  • Are you experienced with medical software?
  • Explain your knowledge of HIPAA.
  • What OSHA training have you received?
  • Are you CPR certified?
  • What skills do you have in phlebotomy and/or x-ray?

Practice-Specific Questions

  • What (podiatry, cardiology, etc.) procedures have you assisted with?
  • Do you have experience with patient education duties?
  • What type of decisions have you made on your own in a medical environment?
  • Are you prepared to switch roles and tasks as needed?
  • Have you worked with (children, teens, elderly patients, etc.) in the past?
  • What interests you about this practice?

Cultural Fit Questions

  • How would you handle a difficult patient?
  • How do you deal with stress?
  • Are you a capable multi-tasker?
  • What would you do if you did not get along with a coworker?
  • Are you comfortable making decisions on your own?
  • Do you take initiative to complete tasks without direction?

This is just a sample of the types of questions you may encounter during a medical assistant job interview. Since the actual questions you encounter may vary greatly, it is important to spend time truly thinking about why you are applying for the position, what you love about medical assisting, and what skills and talents you bring to the table.