Why reviews are important to our school

Each of these review sites has a major impact over how potential students find our business. Each positive review on these sites greatly help our cause of enriching people's live with the knowledge they need to pursue the career they are passionate about. Please consider leaving a positive review on these sites if you had a positive experience with us at Medical Institute of Palm Beach.

Google Local

Google is the largest of the review sites that has an impact on our school. Most of our students find the Medical Institute of Palm Beach from a simple Google search. 

Google relies heavily on the reviews of a business to determine how they should show that business to potential customers (in our case, students). Please consider reviewing us on Google.


Yelp is the second largest of the review sites that has an impact on our school. Yelp has a very large internal user-base that take their reviews very seriously, usually double checking Yelp against other sources before considering a business.

Yelp provides most local data to mobile developers like Apple's Maps app as well, so reviews on Yelp have a very large reach to potential students we could be helping. Please help us on Yelp.


Yellowpages is the third largest review site that has an impact on our school. Yellowpages has a very deep connection with other local information applications whereby it spreads its information throughout many different app ecosystems. Each review on Yellowpages is used in many different areas around the internet.

Each review on Yellowpages will help us greatly in reaching new students that would like to learn at Medical Institute of Palm Beach.

Thank you

Without the reviews and word of mouth that you spread about our school through your positive experiences here, we would not be able to help as many people in the same way that we hopefully helped you. We are driven by the desire to educate people who are driven to help people in the medical field. Thank you very much for your help in pushing that desire forward.